Build stunning custom Oxygen websites, without all that "code and stuff".

You don't need to be a developer or buy a collection of add-ons to build amazing custom websites with Oxygen. Learn how to build fast loading websites (just like this) from start to finish.

Want to build websites in Oxygen the right way from start to finish?

Now is the time to learn how to do it better than the rest.
With the increased focus on website performance in our industry, you might have recently started looking at using Oxygen Builder as a page builder option.

And thats because Oxygen is a builder like no other. It's focused on clean code, without the bloat. 

The problem? You want to build custom websites with a focus on site performance, but you're not a developer.

But what about some of the more complex custom designs you need to build?
There’s some stuff that you barely managed to figure out with your current page builder! Well, I’ve got some news for you. I've build complete websites in Oxygen without touching ONE BIT of code. 

And I’m not talking about simple, templated sites. I build completely custom, high-end, premium branded websites (well, thats what people tell me). 

So whether you're coming from another page builder, or you've never built a custom WordPress website before, I want to teach you everything you need to know to build advanced, custom designed websites in Oxygen Builder, with confidence.

Do you need this course?

You might have tried to figure out before. Jumped into Facebook groups. Checked YouTube videos. But almost always, you’re encountering people running through solutions to the problems you have that need code!
Hunting on Google for custom code solutions is never fun

The last thing you want to do is end up in a situation where you’re almost all the way through a build, and then get stuck because you can’t figure out how to code. And that’s probably the main reason you’ve stuck with what you know. It’s safer.

Well, I’ve helped a lot of designers move from using Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and other page builders, to using Oxygen for their sites. These aren’t people who know code. They design, and then build sites - not “develop” them.

Yet, they are using Oxygen to handle entire builds without a problem. Their feedback and seeing how quickly they have mastered Oxygen has been amazing. 

So I decided to build that into a course for other people who might be in the same spot. 

What does this course cover?

Together we'll build an entire custom designed website. I'll supply all the design assets ready to go and you can build along with me. We’ll go from blank install to completed live site without any coding required. I’ve broken down everything you need to know to build a complete website in Oxygen, without code, into a huge number of different lessons.

Some of the stuff we’ll be covering includes:

  • Oxygen setup and best practices
  • Interface guide
  • Recommended addons
  • Components
  • Templates
  • Classes and IDs
  • Global Settings
  • Dynamic Content
  • Animations and Effects
  • Gutenberg Integration
  • Tips and Tricks and Quirks
  • Launch and Migration
  • How to use Custom Code (just in case)

What else you'll get:

As a part of this course, you will be given all of the working files and all exported assets. The design is yours to use in any way you like. Change it, tweak it, customise it. You can use this for paying client sites or your own website.

Additional Assets Include:

  • All files exported ready for web use
  • Working design files for XD and Figma
  • The logo design used in the course site
  • Full access and ownership of the files to design and customise as much as you like

Hold up, who the hell am I to teach you about anything?

And that's a great question. The fact is that even though I've been doing this for over 20 years working at well known national digital agencies, I am just someone who's gotten ok at this stuff and I have a passion for teaching people what I know.

Will this work? Can I really build sites with Oxygen, without knowing how to code?

Look, I do know how to code, and used to custom build all my themes from scratch. I didn’t use tools like Elementor or Beaver Builder, because compared to what I was coding the quality was so much worse.

Oxygen was such a game changer for me, letting me still build with great quality, but cutting the amount of time I was spending into a fraction of what it was.

But that’s me. What about someone who actually doesn’t normally code at all? Well, one of the people I’ve been helping move to Oxygen is Nick Gulic. He runs an agency in Sydney, Australia, and has been using Elementor for years. 

Let's hear what Nick thinks:

We'll build this site together:

Take a quick look at the website we will be building together. This is a clean, modern agency style design.

Want to make it your own...?

Great idea, if you want to tweak colours and images before we get building so you can make something truly your own, I'll be providing a mini walkthrough on doing some the basic tweaks in XD.

Got a few question to ask?

Of course, If this isn't right for you, you can get a no questions asked refund within 14 days of purchase, or the first lesson launching - whichever is later.
Outside of your standard hosting and other stuff that most people already have, you will need Oxygen Builder. And preferably the Agency Bundle that includes the Gutenberg integration, since I use that to make things easy for clients. I will also be covering ACF of which you can use the free version. And we will also cover some of my recomended plugin solutions.
This course is designed to teach you how to build sites with nothing but the standard version of Oxygen Builder. But, I'll show you what plugins I use personally to help me with building sites - since they can make the job easier.
Yes, the design, including the brand and design files (XD & Figma) are yours to customise and update as much as you want. As long as you haven't been given a refund you can use this on client sites or even your own.
Great, as a bonus, I'll be breaking down all the bells and whistles and showing you how to add custom code and manually add additional features to Oxygen. But just to make it easy, I'll be breaking these out into their own sections.
No, no. Not at all. This will be individual videos, done at a slow pace so you can learn each step as I explain "How" and "Why" I do what I do. So you pick up the best practice habbits that will last a lifetime.
I like how you think. While I want to show you everything you need to know, there are some things in website development that are repetitive. In these situations (like creating Advance Custom Fields, creating blogs or adding content with Gutenberg) we'll create the first one together and I'll cut out the rest.
Of course, there's some great content on Oxygen all over YouTube. The challenges are getting all of it in one place, and also finding how to take a “no code” or “low code” approach to building custom designed sites.
That’s beyond the average site build, so I will be offering a WooCommerce focused course as a standalone micro course in the future for the people who want it. This course is based on create brochure sites with a blog and custom post types.
This course is designed for those who are new to Oxygen or those who have been using other page builders and are looking to make the change to Oxygen.
You can build out an amazing custom designed site with Oxygen, without code. But depending on your specific requirements, if you need something that isn’t an “out of the box” option, you’d either need to use a third party plugin or use the extra code (again, similar to most page builders). But, what we are covering in this course is focused on not needing to know how to code.
There's a LOT in this course I wanted to make sure I covered everything. Here's a full breakdown of the course content:

Module 1 - Before we get started:
1.1 Course Introduction
1.2 Before you get started
1.3 What Plugins you need
1.4 The Custom Design Walk Through
1.5 Customising The Design
1.6 Download The Assets

Module 2 - Getting Oxygen Setup
2.1 Module 2 Introduction
2.2 Installing and setting up Oxygen
2.3 Oxygen settings options
2.4 Oxygen and theme best practises
2.5 Templates and reusable parts

Module 3 - Oxygen Fundamentals
3.1 Module Intro
3.2 The Oxygen Interface
3.3 Core Elements & Components
3.4 Global Settings
3.5 Styling Basics
3.6 Layouts & Styling
3.7 Mobile Responsiveness
3.8 Advanced Styling Concepts
3.9 Dynamic Data
3.10 Custom Code Introduction
3.11 Bonus: Composite Elements Guide

Module 4 - Building our Homepage
4.1 Module Introduction
4.2 Building the Hero
4.3 The "Header Builder" nav bar
4.4 The Portfolio and Oxygen Gallery
4.5 Our Services & Feature Buttons
4.6 The intro sections
4.7 Feature Testimonial
4.8 Our Blog Layout
4.9 Responsive Refinements

Module 5 - Building our Inside Pages
5.1 Module Introduction
5.2 Building Our Inside Page
5.3 Understanding Oxygen Menus
5.4 Building the Footer
5.5 Oxygen Conditions - Call to Action
5.6 Responsive Tidy Up
5.7 Advanced Custom Fields (header images)
5.8 Understanding Dynamic Templates - 404 page
5.9 Inherit Template - Search Results
5.10 Bonus: Overwriting Templates

Module 6 - Blog & Custom Post Types
6.1 Module Introduction
6.2 Homepage Blog Features
6.3 Blog Archive Template
6.4 Blog Inside Template
6.5 Category List Template
6.6 Setting Up Custom Post Types
6.7 Replacing the Homepage Gallery
6.8 Our Projects List Template
6.9 Our Project Page Template
6.10 Bonus: Selector Detector, Forms & Short Codes

Module 7 - Gutenberg & Custom Blocks
7.1: Module Introduction
7.2 Default Gutenberg Overview
7.3 Gutenberg Tweaks & Fixes for Oxygen
7.4 Full Page Editing
7.5 A Custom Gutenberg Blocks Guide
7.6 Creating Our designed Custom Blocks
7.7 Gutenberg For Your Clients

Module 8 - Launch & Training Clients
8.1: Module Introduction
8.2 Migrating Oxygen Sites
8.3 Creating Design Sets
8.4 Prelaunch/Post Launch Checklist
8.5 Training Clients
8.6 Care Plan Guide
8.7 Course Completion

Module 9 - Bonus Content
*Bonus Lessons and Techniques

You get lifetime access. This means once you've paid you will forever have access to the material and any updates or bonuses that are made. If at any point the course needs to be taken down, I will provide all students with access to an archive download including all videos, scripts and assets.

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