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I’m Corey Dodd, and I design brand identities and user interfaces with a focus on strategy and customer experience. I’ve been doing this for a while, 20 years or so, and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

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Why and what to charge for design working files.

Should you really charge a client when they ask for working files? There are a few classic debates in the design industry. I'm sure you know them: Mac vs Windows, hourly billing vs value-based pricing, cold calling vs inbound marketing, pants on vs pants off for zoom meetings. One that comes up from time to […]

How to easily sell WordPress Careplans

Selling Careplans should be simple and standard. Website care plans are a really effective and simple way to get recurring revenue for your freelance or design business, but selling customers on them can seem hard. For some of us it can almost seem impossible to actually land one of these as a sale. It might […]

How to design your own personal projects.

The struggle is real I've been thinking about this recently, how hard it can be to create our own work. Have you ever noticed this yourself? When you've been super excited about a personal project, but then almost paralysed when it comes to creating that vision? Well, I know I have. Let's be honest, designing […]

Do you EVEN Build Websites?

Want to build stunning custom websites in Oxygen, without needing to code?

Let me show you how I build fully customised websites with Oxygen from start to finish and learn all my best practise hints and tips.

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