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Hey, it's Corey here. I help designers improve their craft, understand business and position themselves to land better clients.

I'm a designer myself and understand the challenges of running a creative business. I'm from Geelong in Australia and I run a small creative design studio: Elk Creative

I've been designing for a while, it's pretty much all I've ever done (work-wise that is) and I’m not too bad at it.

I started in a creative role in web design when the industry was still new. It was like the Wild West back then, it really was. There were a lot of things we didn't really know back then and even the idea of having a website was novel. 

As the years have gone by, my focus has led me more and more towards branding design and strategic outcomes.

I've seen a lot, I've worked for a lot of large agencies in various roles on some pretty major projects. I've managed to not only learn more about my craft as a designer, but have also developed a clear understanding of business and the impact that creative solutions can make.

A lot's changed and a lot has stayed the same. But I still call myself a designer.

I love what I do and I do what I do because I feel deeply rewarded by making a positive and noticeable impact on people’s lives. Yeah, most of the time these people are business owners and yes most of the time the impact is somewhat financial (but not only).

As a designer, I care immensely about the art of visual communication. I’ve spent my life obsessed with it and I still surround myself in its grasp.

Visual communication is a language.

It is a language that many cannot begin to understand how to speak. But every single person knows how personal the connection to a brand, a product, a service, a place, a person, a campaign, a message or a belief is.

Being able to speak this language for people can be invaluable and something that people will pay greatly for.

I like to think of myself as someone who cares. I care about the industry and community that has given me so much. I've got a fair bit to share, and I do try hard to give back.

Sometimes I talk about stuff in front of people.

This is not a stranger and neither am I.

Don't be a stranger.

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