What do you say when they've found someone cheaper?

Repeat After Me - Edition #1

Have you ever quoted a project only to have the prospect come back and say "I'm sorry, but someone else has quoted less"…

More than likely, I know I have.

There are many ways that you can handle this conversation, but many of these will find you defending yourself or trying to convince the client of your value, either by your expertise, results or the quality of your work.

In situations like this, sayings such as "you get what you pay for" spring to mind. But not only is that often untrue, but it's also rarely going to show any insight into how, or most importantly WHY, you have suggested the price that you did.

It can also be really easy to act stubborn and say "my price is my price" - and while that is not the easiest thing to say or hear, again, it's likely to be untrue.

You've come to that price because of the considerations you have made, because of your understanding of what someone requires.

I know what you're thinking, wouldn't something like "this is what it costs to do the job properly" capture this?

Well, it's getting there. But when we ask ourselves "What does 'properly' mean?" we find ourselves in a loop of assumptions.

What it is that I believe sums up the WHY behind our costs is this:

"I've not priced this just to give you a finished product.
I've priced this to take you where we know you need to be"

Why does this work?

It shows the client you know what you are talking about and you have understood them, without demanding that you are an expert.

It shows that you are committed to something more than just getting the job done and that you are there to work with them to achieve the thing they desire the most.

You could say it also suggests that if you had cared less about their goals, you too could have offered a low price just to get the job done.

Try it out some time and see how the prospect responds.

This is not a stranger and neither am I.

Don't be a stranger.

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